Motley Crue

Posted: March 20, 2011 in These facts wont save your life!!!!!


Did you know.

That the song, “Dude Looks like lady” by Aerosmith was written about Vince Neil:

And then we have the Famous Bruce Dickinson Iron Maiden, Frontman, Wrote the song “Tattooed Millionaire”

It is meant to be about Nikki Sixx( motley Crue Bass Player)

He is meant to off written the song about  Nikki after he found out that when Motley Crue were in England playing the CastLe Donnington Festival, that a groupie climbed up the outside of the hotel ,, climbed through a Nikki Sixx’s bathroom window, and so the story goes that Nikki did the business with groupie in the bathroom , Didn’t find out it was the future Mrs Dickinson until he saw her with Bruce later on.OOP’S

So what better way to get your own back but write a song  about a guy and put the guy ‘s lifestyle down and make money out off something you would like to forget.GOOD ON YA BRUCE, HA HA

Did you know in the  Mid   Eighties , when MTV was new thing, that Mark Knofler (Dire Straites fame) wrote the line,s in the song” MONEY FOR NOTHING”

The little faggot with the earring and the makeup
Yeah buddy, that’s his own hair
That little faggot got his own jet airplane
That little faggot he’s a millionaire

About yes, MOTLEY CRUE.

They just keep on coming, the latest song suppossedly to be written about the the infamous MOTLEY CRUE is??

From the pen off Sully Erna ( Godsmack) The Song is no other then “Crying Like A bitch”

Sully is said he wrote the song after him and his band were on the Cruefest2.

He is quoted as saying that he was sick of Rock star prima donna’s who had their day in the sun 20 years ago, and saying he was sick of a certain somebody complaining and whining, and it got his nerves.

So you make up your own mind who you think “Cryin like a bitch is about”?

We will give you Sixx guesses.Who we think it is about.

Also have you heard Nick Sixx’s radio show. sixx sense, it is worth a listen to has some good gusets on there.



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